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Cedric Bodley

My  destiny with Scouting started in the Northeast Bronx at a Lutheran Church a block away from the apartment building. My parents moved us from the South Bronx in order to ensure we did not become a product of the violence of an area known notoriously as Fort Apache.


It was at the age of 11 years old when a flyer was distributed into my classroom with an opportunity to join a movement that promised to deliver leadership and character building skills . I decided to take in what the meeting had to offer and was instantly hooked.


My mother, skeptical of my interest, did not want to invest in a uniform right away until she was convinced that I was going to stay involved. This was due to my brother enthusiastically asking to join a Cub Scout Pack because of a classmate/friend. After purchasing the uniform, he quickly loss his willingness to want to participate. To have my mother recount the situation, my brother lasted all of 20 seconds in the program (my favorite story to tell).


I was not destined to have a uniform for only 5 months. It was given to me as part of a Christmas/birthday gift along with all the equipment for camping in the outdoors.​ I stayed involved with that unit through my whole childhood and went to Scout camp every summer. It was the start of a lifelong obsession with the outdoors.


I had served in roles as the Troop Quartermaster, Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Scoutmaster, and Scoutmaster.


At the age of 15, I took my Ordeal to join the Order of the Arrow (OA) and two years later became a Brotherhood member. In 2000, I earned the Vigil Honor. In those years in the OA, I served as Publications Chair, Lodge Treasurer, and Lodge Chief. As an adult, I served as Lodge Advisor on two separate occasions.


I am Wood Badge trained from course NEIII-148, a James E. West Fellow since 2009 and a recipient of the Venturing Leadership Award in 2018.

A Scout as a youth, I've made my career my lifelong passion. However best I can pass on the good of the BSA is where I want to be.

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